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- Who is Sea Pride Scuba - 

Sea Pride Scuba is a diving school that has been operating on the Island of San Andrés since 2017, providing the diving service to beginners and experienced divers to know the experience of diving on the Island.

We are a diving school that works with the PADI teaching methodology, which is validated with the ICONTEC ISO 9001 technical standard, which allows us to give a complete and validated course in any PADI school in the world, thus providing confidence and validity in our diving courses.

We work on the Island of San Andrés where we do shore dives on a daily basis, where you can access our products such as:

- Diving or Discovery Scuba Diving Mini Courses

- Double Diving or Discovery Local Diving

- Open Water Diving Course PADI

- PADI Certification Diving Courses

Diving operations are carried out directly at our point of operations where we organize, plan and design safe diving operations that are comprised in depths between 6 and 30 meters.

If you want to know more information about our company, feel free to ask us what you want.

At Sea Pride Scuba, we are waiting for you!

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