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Buceo en el arrecife


The diving mini-course is a service for beginners or lovers of the sea, it is not necessary that they have previous experience, only  They must be willing to learn and confident to free themselves from their fears.

Our service consists of three different parts:

- Knowledge Development: Here we will give you the theoretical bases  so you can discover our sea with the security that Sea Pride Scuba offers you. We have four necessary skills to be able to develop the activity which we will give you in this initial procedure.

-Practices in Shallow Confined Water: After passing the Knowledge Development we will go to the sea at a depth of 2 meters deep to practice our main skills to be able to dive and practice underwater in 2 meters depth. After making the descent at this depth, we will go to the  next stage.

- Diving Immersion: After practicing in the 2 meters of depth we will make a gradual descent between 6 and 12 meters of final depth where we will enjoy the ecosystem between about 30 to 45 minutes of underwater time, enough to travel between 200 to 300 meters of route . With this last stage you will enjoy a pleasant tour with our diving professionals where you will feel comfortable  and calm in our activity.

If you have any condition  Registered doctor, check here if you are suitable to dive with us.