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Buceo en el arrecife


Congratulations on being a certified diver!

Having completed your diving certification course, you are now able to do two dives in a single day. Sea Pride Scuba is interested in your well-being and confidence, for this reason we accept all certifying agencies endorsed by the WRSTC .

As a certified diver we offer you the opportunity to do multiple  dives while they are  within the limits of your certification. That is why we handle different dive sites that are between 6 and 30 meters deep so that you can carry out your diving operation safely and comfortably.  with our company.

You can choose the dive sites of your choice as long as they do not exceed the limits of your certification.  

At these dive sites we can observe a lot of marine life, different species of corals and fish, so it is important to highlight:

-The temperature of the water in the Island of San Andres varies between 28 ° and 30 ° degrees Celsius, therefore, find sharks, turtles, large fish and other species of colder waters  it will be very difficult  to observe in our diving-

However we guarantee you a lot of fun and a lot of bubbles  What to do while we explore the waters of the Island, varied in type of corals and very colorful fish.

Sea Pride Scuba awaits you to dive together with its professionals.

Requirements  Minima

Diving Certificate 

Fly after  of 18  Hrs of diving.

Be in good shape  physical

Buceo en Cuevas


Cave Dives


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