Buceo en el arrecife


Your time has come to start your path to expertise  in recreational diving. With the Sea Pride Scuba Diving School you will be able to start your journey with the PADI Open Water Diving Certification Course.

Our certification course  It consists of three important parts where we will validate your knowledge, skill learning and diving skills. The most important thing for us is that you feel that your progress in the water is exponential and that you feel more comfortable  with yourself..

This is an adapted and customized course where we focus to understand each aspect of recreational diving but above all, we can discover all the wonderful sub aquatic  in our Islands.

If you want to know how the process of this course is, here we explain it:

Requirements  Minima

10 or more years

Fly after  12 Hrs of diving.


Availability of  8 to 15 hours

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